How to Use a Fire Blanket to Save Someone on Fire?

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How to Use a Fire Blanket to Save Someone on Fire?

You can save someone on fire using a fire blanket. Plus, it’s more helpful for someone inexperienced with fire extinguishers. 

In moments of emergency, having the right tools and knowing how to use them can make all the difference. A fire blanket is a crucial safety device that can be instrumental in extinguishing flames and preventing further harm. In this blog, we will walk through a simple yet effective guide on using a fire blanket to save someone who is on blanket

1. Release the Fire Blanket: The first step in deploying a fire blanket is to swiftly retrieve it from its designated location. Fire blankets are often stored in easily accessible places, such as kitchens or near fire-prone areas. In moments of urgency, it's essential to grab the blanket promptly.

2. Drape the Blanket Over the Person: Approach the person on fire with confidence and purpose. Hold the corners of the fire blanket and carefully drape it over the individual, ensuring that it fully covers them from head to toe. The goal is to cut off the oxygen supply to the flames and smother the fire.Fireproof Blanket

3. Roll the Blanket Around the Person: Gently but firmly, roll the fire blanket around the person. This rolling action helps in ensuring that the flames are completely covered and deprived of the air they need to sustain. Keep a steady hand to maintain control and maximize the effectiveness of the blanket in extinguishing the fire.

4. Instruct the Person to Stop, Drop, & Roll: While using the fire blanket, simultaneously instruct the person to stop any movement, drop to the ground, and roll. This classic technique is an additional measure to ensure the flames are fully extinguished. Rolling helps to smother any residual flames and prevents the fire from reigniting.

5. Assess the Situation: Once the person has stopped, dropped, and rolled, carefully assess the situation. If the flames appear to be fully extinguished, keep the fire blanket in place until professional medical assistance arrives. If there are any signs of continued danger or injury, call emergency services immediately.

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