Fire Blanket vs. Wet Towel: Comparing Effectiveness in Different Fire Scenarios

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Fire Blanket vs. Wet Towel: Comparing Effectiveness in Different Fire Scenarios

When it comes to fire safety, having the right tools can make a crucial difference. Two common household items often considered in emergencies are fire blankets and wet towels. In this blog, we will explore the effectiveness of both options in various scenarios, focusing on how they work, their capabilities in saving someone on fire, and which is generally more advisable in different situations.


  1. How They Work:
  • Fire Blanket: Fire blankets are made from flame-resistant materials such as fiberglass or other fire-resistant fabrics. They work by smothering the fire, cutting off the oxygen supply. When properly placed over a fire, a fire blanket forms a barrier that prevents the flames from spreading further.

  • Wet Towel: A wet towel relies on the cooling effect of water to extinguish a fire. When a wet towel is placed over a fire, the water in the fabric absorbs heat, reducing the temperature and suppressing the flames. However, this method is generally less effective for larger or more intense fires.


  1. Saving Someone on Fire:
  • Fire Blanket: Fire blankets are designed for quick and easy deployment in emergency situations. To save someone on fire, the blanket should be wrapped around the person, effectively smothering the flames. The user can also be instructed to drop and roll to further aid in extinguishing the fire.

  • Wet Towel: Using a wet towel to save someone on fire involves wrapping the person in the damp fabric. The wetness helps cool the burns and suffocate the flames. However, it may be less efficient in rapidly extinguishing larger fires compared to a fire blanket.

  1. A Fire Blanket or a Wet Towel?
  • For Small Kitchen Fires: In the case of a small kitchen fire, a fire blanket is often the preferred choice. Its quick deployment and ability to smother flames make it effective for containing and extinguishing localized fires, such as those caused by cooking mishaps.

  • For Personal Safety: When considering personal safety and the need for a quick response, a fire blanket is generally more practical. Its simplicity and ease of use make it a reliable choice in emergencies.

  • For Limited Resources: In situations where resources are limited, a wet towel can be a makeshift alternative. However, it may not be as effective in rapidly controlling or extinguishing fires, especially in larger or more intense scenarios.


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