Do fire blankets really work?

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Do fire blankets really work?

Do fire blankets really work?

When faced with a sudden fire outbreak, fire blankets are a common firefighting tool. However, many people harbor doubts about the effectiveness of fire blankets. In this blog, we will delve into the working principle of fire blankets and how to properly use them to combat fires.

The Working Principle of Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are made from flame-resistant materials, often utilizing materials like fiberglass or other high-temperature-resistant fabrics. Their mechanism revolves around smothering flames by cutting off the oxygen supply, which flames require to continue burning. The flame-resistant nature of the blanket's material allows it to be safely draped over the fire source, effectively extinguishing the fire.

How to Properly Use a Fire Blanket

1. Extinguishing Small Fires

Fire blankets are suitable for extinguishing small fires, such as oil fires in the kitchen or candle flames. When encountering such fires, quickly retrieve the fire blanket, gently place it over the fire source, ensuring complete coverage of the flames. Wait for some time to ensure that the fire has been fully extinguished.

2. Protecting Personal Safety

During a fire incident, if the fire is spreading rapidly, fire blankets can be used as protective barriers. Wrap the fire blanket around your body to reduce direct exposure to flames and heat, buying time until help arrives.

3. Using in Conjunction with Fire Extinguishers

For larger or harder-to-control fires, fire blankets can be used in conjunction with fire extinguishers. Start by using the fire extinguisher to spray firefighting agents, then quickly cover the fire source with the fire blanket to ensure effective containment.

Limitations of Fire Blankets

However, fire blankets are not a universal solution for all types of fires. In cases of large-scale fires with abundant oxygen supply, the effectiveness of fire blankets might be limited. Additionally, when using a fire blanket, prioritizing personal safety is crucial. If the fire becomes uncontrollable or too large, evacuate immediately and call professional firefighters.

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