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Turning Fire Safety into Playtime: Fun Activities for Kids!

Did you know? The United States Fire Administration (USFA) says children set over 100,000 fires each year. They also make up nearly 25% of fire-related deaths. Plus, about 40% of fires that kill children under five years old started because children play with fire.  Kids don’t always know the consequences of their actions and how to react during fire emergencies. If you want to ensure your children’s safety during a fire emergency, stick around. 

In this post, we’ll talk about how to make fire safety fun for kids so they get prepared, not scared. 


  1. Create a Fire Escape Plan With Your Kids: Transforming a serious topic into an interactive activity, involve your kids in creating a fire escape plan for your home. Discuss and draw out the plan together, emphasizing the importance of designated exits and meeting points.

  2. Plan a Fire Drill With Them: Turn fire drills into a family affair. Practice the escape plan you've created with your kids regularly. Make it a challenge by timing how quickly everyone can reach the designated meeting point. This not only reinforces the importance of preparedness but also adds an element of friendly competition.Penta-Kids-Fire-Safety

  3. Play Bubble Escape: Make learning about crawling under smoke fun with the "Bubble Escape" game. Blow bubbles a few feet off the floor, representing smoke or flames. Instruct your kids to crawl beneath the bubbles without letting any touch them. This game not only teaches the vital skill of crawling low in case of smoke but also adds an element of excitement.

  4. Play Stop, Drop & Roll: Turn the classic "Stop, Drop & Roll" technique into a playful activity. Create a game where kids practice stopping, dropping, and rolling in a safe and controlled environment. This hands-on approach reinforces muscle memory and ensures they understand the correct response if their clothes were ever to catch fire.

  5. Safety Books and Videos: Introduce educational materials in the form of age-appropriate books and videos. Many resources are designed to teach kids about fire safety through engaging narratives and colorful illustrations. This adds an enjoyable and informative aspect to their learning experience.

  6. Ougist Portable fire extinguishers are easy to use and can be operated by children to extinguish primary fires.


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