Where is the best place to put a fire extinguisher in a car?

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Where is the best place to put a fire extinguisher in a car?

Fire safety is a critical consideration, and it's not limited to our homes and workplaces. Vehicles, whether personal or commercial, are also susceptible to fire emergencies. Having a fire extinguisher readily available in your vehicle can mean the difference between a manageable situation and a disaster. In this blog, we explore the best places to position a fire extinguisher in your car for optimal accessibility and effectiveness.

  1. Within Reach of the Driver:

When it comes to fire safety, accessibility is paramount. The most logical location for a fire extinguisher is within easy reach of the driver's seat. A commonly recommended spot is beneath the driver's seat or in a bracket mounted to the side of the seat. This placement ensures that the driver can swiftly access the extinguisher without needing to leave their seat or fumble around.

  1. Passenger Side Accessibility:

While the driver's seat is the primary focus, it's also essential to consider passengers' safety. Placing a fire extinguisher within reach of the front passenger seat is a thoughtful step. It can empower the passenger to respond promptly to emergencies, especially if the driver is unable to access the extinguisher due to their position or incapacitation.

  1. Secure Mounting:

Wherever you choose to place the fire extinguisher, make sure it's securely mounted. A sudden stop or collision could dislodge an improperly secured extinguisher, turning it into a dangerous projectile. Many vehicles come with built-in brackets designed for fire extinguisher mounting. If not, universal mounting brackets are available for purchase.

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  1. Avoid High-Temperature Zones:

While vehicles generate heat during operation, certain areas are hotter than others. Avoid placing the fire extinguisher near the engine compartment or exhaust system, as excessive heat can potentially impact the extinguisher's pressurized container or the extinguishing agent's effectiveness.

  1. Visible and Unobstructed:

Choose a location that provides clear visibility of the fire extinguisher. Avoid placing it where it can be obscured by objects, luggage, or other items. An unobstructed extinguisher ensures that it's immediately noticeable and can be retrieved without hesitation.

  1. Easy to Access from Outside:

Consider situations where a bystander might need to assist in an emergency. Placing the fire extinguisher where it can be easily accessed from outside the vehicle, such as through an open window, can be beneficial in scenarios where the driver is incapacitated.



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