What to Do When Your Fire Extinguisher Expires?

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expired fire extinguisher

What to Do When Your Fire Extinguisher Expires?

Fire extinguishers are essential safety tools in our homes and workplaces. They provide a crucial line of defense against small fires, potentially preventing disasters. However, like any other safety equipment, fire extinguishers have a limited lifespan. So, what should you do when your fire extinguisher reaches its expiration date? In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to properly handle expired fire extinguishers.

Expired fire extinguisher

Understanding Fire Extinguisher Expiration Dates

Fire extinguishers typically have a manufacturer's label that displays the expiration date. This date indicates when the extinguisher should be replaced or recharged. It's important to note that an expired fire extinguisher might not function as expected in an emergency, making it essential to address the situation promptly.

What to Do When Your Fire Extinguisher Expires:

  1. Contact Your Local Fire Department: The first step is to call your local fire department and inquire about their policies regarding expired fire extinguishers. Some fire departments offer services to dispose of or recycle old extinguishers. They may allow you to drop off the expired extinguisher at the firehouse for proper handling.

  2. Consider Refilling or Recharging: If the extinguisher is still in good condition and has not been discharged, you may have the option to get it refilled or recharged. This is typically more cost-effective than buying a new extinguisher and ensures that you have a functional unit on hand.

  3. Dispose of the Extinguisher Safely: If your local fire department does not accept old fire extinguishers, or if the extinguisher is damaged or no longer functional, you should dispose of it properly. Do not throw it in the regular trash as it may contain hazardous materials. Instead, take it to a hazardous waste disposal facility or contact your local environmental agency for guidance on safe disposal.

  4. Replace with a New Extinguisher: It's essential to maintain fire safety in your home or workplace. If your extinguisher is no longer usable or rechargeable, replace it with a new one. Ensure that the replacement unit is suitable for the type of fires you might encounter (e.g., ABC extinguisher for general use).

  5. Regularly Check Extinguisher Dates: To avoid dealing with expired fire extinguishers in the future, establish a routine for checking the expiration dates on your extinguishers. Many extinguishers have a lifespan of about 10-15 years, but this can vary, so refer to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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