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Kitchen Safety 101: Where NOT to Keep Your Fire Extinguisher


In the hustle and bustle of our kitchens, safety should always be a top priority. While having a fire extinguisher within reach is a smart move, it's crucial to pay attention to where it's placed. Surprisingly, one area in your kitchen might not be as ideal for storing a fire extinguisher as you think. Let's dive into why you should avoid keeping this life-saving tool near a significant source of heat, such as your stove.ougist portable fire extinguisher

Why Not Near the Stove?

The stove is the heart of any kitchen, but it's also a potential hotbed for fires. From sizzling pans to grease flare-ups, the area around the stove is where fires are most likely to occur. Placing a fire extinguisher too close to the stove can create a dangerous situation, and here's why:

  1. Heat Exposure: Stoves generate a substantial amount of heat, especially when cooking at high temperatures. Keeping a fire extinguisher too close to the stove exposes it to prolonged heat, potentially affecting its performance and integrity. This is a critical factor because, in an emergency, you need your fire extinguisher to function at its best.

  2. Inaccessibility During a Fire: Imagine a scenario where a fire breaks out on your stovetop. If the fire extinguisher is located near the stove, it may become inaccessible due to the flames or smoke. In the chaos of the moment, you want your fire extinguisher to be easily reachable without putting yourself in harm's way.

  3. Risk of Explosion: Some fire extinguishers contain pressurized contents that can be sensitive to high temperatures. Placing them near the stove increases the risk of the extinguisher's contents reaching a dangerous pressure, potentially leading to an explosion.ougist portable fire extinguishr for kitchen

Best Practices for Fire Extinguisher Placement in the Kitchen:

Now that we understand why it's not ideal to keep a fire extinguisher near the stove, here are some best practices for its placement in the kitchen:

  1. Near an Exit: Store the fire extinguisher near a kitchen exit. This ensures that it's easily accessible during an emergency, allowing you to evacuate the kitchen and use the extinguisher from a safe distance.

  2. Visible and Reachable: Keep the fire extinguisher in a location where it's visible and reachable without obstacles. Avoid hiding it behind appliances or inside cabinets; it should be a prominent part of your kitchen safety plan.

  3. Away from Heat Sources: Place the fire extinguisher away from heat sources, including the stove, oven, or any other appliances that generate high temperatures during operation.


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